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Summer: My not very favourite season.

In India, it's summer going on now. So I want to express my views on it:

Things which comes with summers:

1. Lizards🦎
2. Sweat
3. Watermelon 🍉
4. Coolers
5. Mangoes
6. Bathing 3 times a day
7. Staying in the pool🏊‍♂️ for hours.
8. Beaches🏖️
9. Summer holidays
10. Ice creams🍦🍧🍨

Things which goes with summers:

1. WINTERS❄️☃️

My favourite season:

My favourite season is WINTERS☃️.

Things which I like about winters:

1. No sweat
2. No lizards 🦎
3. Apple🍎
4. Playing with snow 
5. Making snow houses
6. Christmas Carols
7. Soup
8.Cozy Winter Fashion
9. Ice Skating
10. Snow Ball Fights
11. Dogs and Cats in Sweaters
12. Bonfire

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