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My Favorite Lifetime Experience

My favourite lifetime experience happened at a very young age for Me to remember it but here comes the twist, I can still recall it.
At the age of five while I was coming back from my hometown happily with my parents something tragic happened to me. 
At the station when everyone was busy with there stuff I also sat all by myself watching people around and waiting for the train to come, fighting with my sister for the phone.
After some time I heard an announcement on the speaker about our train which was something like this “ta Da da this is to inform the passengers that train no. 123456 is about to reach on platform no. 3” after listening to it I personally felt very happy because I have been waiting there for 2 hours.
We all got ready with our bags determined to board inside the train but at that last second only their was an announcement about our train which kind of shocked me because the girl with that beautiful voice said “ ta Da da this is to inform the passengers that train no. 123456 is about to reach the platform no. 1” we were totally absorbed with the shock that we forgot to move, after a second a voice came from behind shouting or I should say growling specifically at me to run, at first it took me a second to make out whose voice it was but suddenly I came to my senses and recognised that it was of my sister running towards me after that we ran towards our station but till the time we reached there the train has already started moving so now it was our turn to run otherwise we will miss our train. My dad very quickly moved the luggage inside the train and helped us to board in but unfortunately he was not able to get inside at this moment I heard a high pitched sound of someone crying and it was my sister, I told her that he would come soon you don't have to cry.
My heart was beating fast I didn't know what to do now and there were so many negative thoughts coming in my mind but my mother motivated me and told that he would come. We waited there for him, and after 2 to 3 minutes he came to us happily looking at me and my sister’s scared face. We then went to our cabin which was not far enough