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Know How To Become Successful

This world is full of homosapiens and competition and in this big world you are finding yourself very small aren't you.I know your answer is 'yes' , so what to do now...

1. What do I think:

I just know one thing "THINK BIG, START SMALL"this is one of my favourite quote and I know the feeling which is coming in your mind after reading this is something out of the world. Just lean down, close your eyes and think about these 4 words they are telling something, and now I think you know what to do.

2. How do you build up your aim:
What if I tell you that, what you want to become doesn't comes from inside but our surroundings tell us that, amazing isn't it. I too found it amazing. Your mind is an amazing gift which you have achieved, if you start to understand it, it will open all is secrets which were hidden till now. Give time to your mind, talk with it and the world will touch your feet.

3. The competition:
There is A LOT of competition in this world and everyone will tell you the same thing which is, to work hard. I say START SMALL. Start with small then slowly keep increasing the level. This is what every successful person has applied in his life and you can see the result - ELON MUSK, BILL GATES, JEFF BEZOS, MURK ZUCKERBERG and the next name is yours.

4. Try to use as much time as possible:
So everything is going fine you are doing hard work for your aim and to get SUCCESS until a message comes from INSTAGRAM on your device and then you see what's going on YOUTUBE and after 3 hours you realise that I was studying for my exam. Then the next day you again sit on the study table and the same thing happens. Not a single person who is successful will say "I used to pay FORTNITE for 2 hours and stay online on INSTAGRAM for 3 hours and see I am successful in my life". If you are like that STOP all this right away cuz one day you will say "Ashish Umrao told me that this would happen but I didn't listened to him".

5. After achieving what you wanted:
Now you are a successful person and you are called by a news channel. So for that see Elon Musk how he speaks, his emotions, his expressions imply them and you will ROCK