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Is making remake of a game profitable.

If you are also a game developer like me or beginner and thinking to make a game like PUBG or FORTNITE or RESIDENTIAL EVIL. Know this that it will be profitable or not:

You worked hard and made a game like PUBG and published it. Your game will only give you money if other people play it but when they can afford the real game why would they play yours. So now you have to advertise your game so that others get to know about your game. You invested a lot of money in advertising and now some  1 million people play your game. How how will you earn money. You have to add ads in your game for that you need a company who wants to show their ads in your game.

What you have to do:

1. You need to have enough money to advertise for your game.
2. You need a company who wants their ads in your game
3. You have make the remake better than the real game.
4. You have to make your game popular
5. You need to give regular updates and improve your game


It can be profitable if it is popular and many people play it. You need to have enough money💰.