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How to score full in maths? Which books you should study with?

I know your condition is the same as mine when I was dumb in maths. But now I know the key to get SUCCESS in maths

1. Use guides.

I know you have never done this before but I recommend you to buy a maths guide if you want to score full in maths. This is one of the best ways of scoring. If there is a topper in your class then he would probably be using a maths guide. Me and my friend were also like you but after I bought a guide for me, my life changed.

2. Which guide to use?

After reading the above paragraph you must have got a question 'which guide to use'. Well, according to my experience you should go for RD SHARMA. When I was in class 7, I first time bought RD SHARMA and when I saw the questions, they were out of my world. I mean, I literally thought that it might not be of my standard. I turned the page to see of which class is it and it was our class 7th. This will happen with you also so, you must have someone in your home to teach you or you must go for a tution to clear your doubts.
You can also go for RS AGGARWAL.

3. What to start first in RD SHARMA?

I recommend that you must start with any chapter of ALGEBRA as it is easy and you will understand it better. If you think to directly do the exercise then you are wrong. You must first go for EXAMPLES then exercise. It will make your understanding better.
Also keep revising the chapters which you have already completed.

4. Give a revision test every week.

Now you have started doing your guide daily. But after a month or so you will completely forget the hard questions which you had doubt on and you cleared them by your teacher. That is why I recommend you to start giving tests of chapters which you have done every weak cuz it will tell you your understandings.

5. Comment if you don't scored full in maths after doing this...


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