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How I reached my village in Uttar Pradesh.

Reaching the station:
It all started yesterday, we were packing for our trip to Uttar Pradesh, till 4'o clock we were ready. The bus came at 5'o clock and the trip started. At 5:45 we reached the station.

Waiting for the gates to open:
 Our train was gonna leave at 8:15 so we just waited their till the gates get opened up. So we were inside the train. We went to our seats and putted all the luggage under the seats.

The fun I had watching out from the window:
After eating food, my whole family went to sleep but I didn't. I was watching what's going out through the window. I discovered a lot of thing including the Einstein's theory of relativity. I was like I was confused that my train is moving our the train passing by, is moving. I saw big building, industries, theatres, and much more amazing things. But after some time I could not fight my biggest evil and I sleeped.

When we reached the station:
At 11'o clock in the morning we reached our station and our driver was wasting for us. At first it took a little bit of time for us to recognise each other but we did. Then we loaded our luggage in the car and started our journey to the village which was something like 45km from the station.

What happened in the car:
After traveling and taking with him we got to know that the driver was of my mother's village. The music which he was playing was so ridiculous that if I write be in that car for a minute I would have collapsed. But thank God this didn't happen.

What all I saw at my house:
My house has become hotter than my previous visit and there were animals  animals also which were goats, cow, buffalo. Animals make me very happy and when I saw so many animals I can't tell you how happy I was.


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